Welcome to Fablab RiiDL

The Fabrication Lab is located on the fifth floor of Bhaskaracharya building and is a support and research facility for the students, faculty and staff of the Somaiya Campus.

RiiDL FABLAB is approved as the MiniFAB Lab by Massachusett Institute of Technology, Boston, USA in the year 2015. The FABLAB listing can be visited athttps://www.fablabs.io/riidl.

The RiiDL FABLAB supports society in the exploration and investigation of material research including wood, metals, plastics and concrete. The ~1500-square-foot fabrication laboratory plays an integral role in student work and faculty research, supporting experimentation with materials and fabrication. The FABLAB is equipped with state of the art computer controlled (CNC) machines, including two laser cutters, a 3-axis CNC router, 3-D scanner and an ABS plastic 3D printer. The lab is overseen by the Director, and is staffed by the Coordinator and Graduate Assistants, who instruct and guide students in the use of the equipment.

Reason For Existence?

The goal of the FABLAB is to sow the seeds of ‘How to make (Almost) Anything’ among the society and to unabling the greatest inventions which can serve the mankind resulting into elevated the learning experience.


  1. To enable the individual to‘Make Almost Anything’

  2. To promote D.I.Y. mindset across the campus and masses

  3. To promote research activities among the campus

  4. Helping out the technopreneurs, by supporting their prototyping activities

  5. Creating skilled individuals to serve society

  6. To give access to startups to maintain and develop their product and use other facilities at lab

  7. Forming the Maker community

What is the location of the Fablab?

RiiDL FABLAB, Room No. 520, Bhaskarachary Building, Somaiya Vidyavihar Campus, Vidyanagar, Vidyavihar(E), Mumbai - 400 077, Telephone: +91-9930044914, E-mail: yrt@somaiya.edu

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